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   1. I was advised to arrange for insurance ________ I needed medical treatment.

  A. nevertheless   B. although   C. in case   D. so that

  2. Our new house is very ________ for me as I can get to the office in five minutes.

  A. adaptable   B. comfortable   C. convenient   D. available

  3. Our journey was slow because the train stopped ________ at different villages.

  A. unceasingly   B. gradually   C. continuously   D. continually

  4. I‘m very sorry to have ________ you with so many questions on such an occasion.

  A). interfered   B. offended   C. impressed   D. bothered

  5. The price of beer ________ from 50 cents to $4 per liter during the summer season.

  A. altered   B. ranged   C. separated   D. differed

  6. Our son doesn‘t know what to ________ at the university; he can’t make up his mind about his future.

  A. take in   B. take up   C. take over   D. take after

  7. Although they plant trees in this area every year, the tops of some hills are still ________.

  A. blank   B. hollow   C. vacant   D. bare

  8. Being a pop star can be quite a hard life, with a lot of traveling ________ heavy schedules.

  A. with regard to   B. as to    C. in relation to   D. owing to

  9. Tony is very disappointed ________ the results of the exam.

  A. with   B. for   C. toward    D. on

  10. William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania, ________ defended the right of every citizen to freedom of choice in religion.

  A. peculiarly   B. indifferently   C. vigorously   D. inevitably

  11. When people become unemployed, it is ________ which is often worse than lack of wages.

  A. laziness   B. poverty   C. idleness   D. inability

  12. ________ his sister, Jack is quiet and does not easily make friends with others.

  A. Dislike   B. Unlike   C. Alike   D. Liking

  13. ________ you are leaving tomorrow, we can eat dinner together tonight.

  A. For   B. Since   C. Before   D. While

  14. Some people would like to do shopping on Sundays since they expect to pick up wonderful ________ in the market.

  A. batteries   B. bargains   C. baskets    D. barrels

  15. In previous times, then fresh meat was in short ________, pigeons were kept by many households as a source of food.

  A. store   B. provision   C. reserve    D. supply

  16. After the guests left, she spent half an hour ________ the sitting-room.

  A. ordering   B. arranging   C. tidying up   D. clearing away

  17. I was ________ the point of telephoning him when his letter arrived.

  A. to   B. on   C. at   D. in

  18. A lorry ________ Jane‘s cat and sped away.

  A. ran over   B. ran into   C . ran through   D. ran down

  19. Those gifts of rare books that were given to us were deeply ________.

  A. appreciated   B. approved   C. appealed   D. applied

  20. Niagara Falls is a great tourist ________, drawing millions of visitors every year.

  A. attention   B. attraction   C. appointment   D. arrangement

  21. The hopes, goals, fears and desires ________ widely between men and women, between the rich and the


  A . alter   B. shift   C. transfer    D. vary

  22. Some diseases are ________ by certain water animals.

  A. transplanted   B. transformed   C. transported   D. transmitted

  23. It is our ________ policy that we will achieve unity through peaceful means.

  A. consistent   B. continuous   C. considerate   D. continual

  24. Between 1974 and 1997, the number of overseas visitors expanded ________27%.

  A. by   B. for    C. to    D. in

  25. Although many people view conflict as bad, conflict is sometimes useful ________ it forces people to test the relative merits of their attitudes and behaviors.

  A. by which   B. to which   C. in that    D. so that

  26. He is ________ about his chances of winning a gold medal in the Olympics next year.

  A. optimistic   B. optional    C. outstanding    D. obvious

  27. The director was critical ________ the way we were doing the work.

  A.  at     B.  in     C. of    D. with

  28. In a sudden ________ of anger, the man tore up everything within reach.

  A. attack     B. burst     C. split    D. blast

  29. In Britain people ________ four million tons of potatoes every year.

  A. swallow    B. dispose     C. consume     D. exhaust

  30. I‘d ________ his reputation with other farmers and business people in the community, and then make a decision about whether or not to approve a loan.

  A. take into account     B. account for    C. make up for     D. make out

31.         he was seriously iii, I wouldn’t have told him the truth.

  A. If I knew    B. If I know   C. Had I known   D. Did I know 

  32. She got to know the young man very well        she had worked for so long.

  A). to whom    B. in whom     C. whom     D. with whom

  33. The car         by the side of the road and the driver tried to repair it.

  A. breaks down     B. was breaking down     C. has broken down   D. broke down

  34. When he went out, he would wear sunglasses         nobody would recognize him.

  A. so that    B. now that     C. as though   D. in case

  35. We were all excited at the news         our manual sales had more than doubled.

  A. which      B. that     C. it   D. what

36. Some people think about their fights         than they do about their responsibilities.

  A. so much     B. too much     C. much more     D. much too 

  37. The City of London,           repeatedly in 1940 and 1941, lost many of its famous churches.

  A. bombed    B. to bomb    C. bombing   D. having bombed

  38.          traveling expenses rising a lot, Mrs. White had to change all her plans for the tour.

  A. Since    B. As for     C. By   D. With

  39. I felt so embarrassed that I couldn’t do anything but            there when I first met my present boss.

  A. to sit       B. sitting     C. sat   D. sit

  40. With the introduction of the computer, libraries today are quite different from         they were in the past.

  A. that      B. what      C. which   D. those 

41.-How about the book you are reading ?

  -Good , indeed . It ________many problems we have come across in our study.

  A. says     B. talks      C. covers     D. refers

  42. I'd like to take my picture ________stands a high tower.

  A. where     B. which     C. that     D. there

  43. I'd like to buy a house, modern and comfortable, and __________, in a quiet place.

  A. afar all     B. above all     C. in all     D. for all

  44. -You've got a good result in your research, haven't you?

  -Yes , but much ________ .

  A. remains to do     B. is remains to do     C. remains to be done     D. has remained to do it

  45. -I must be leaving now. It'll be 3 hours' drive to get there.


  A. Good-bye     B. Take care     C. Take it easy     D. What can I do for you

  46. Nobody could have guessed , in those days , the place in history that Martin Luther King, Jr____.

  A. was having     B. was to have     C. had had     D. had

  47. The queen will visit the town in May , ________ she will open the new hospital.

  A. when     B. then     C. while     D. but

  48. I'll come , ________ I don't expect to enjoy myself.

  A. if    B. since     C. as     D. though

  49. You _________in such a hurry just now. Look, there is plenty of time left.

  A. don't have to do it     B. needn't have done it

  C. wouldn't do it         D. mustn't have done it

  50. _____________is one of the five working language at U.N. , which _______ are very proud of.

  A. The Chinese, the Chinese     B. Chinese language, Chinese

  C. Chinese, the Chinese        D. Chinese language, the Chinese

  51. -What's your problem ?

  - I have lost sight of my mum and dad . I saw them ________ in front of me a moment ago.

  A. were walking     B. to have walker     C. walk     D. walking

  52. Children are tired of learning often because they are __________to do more than they can.

  A. expected     B. suggested     C. hoped     D. wished

  53. _________ concerts will be needed if we wanted to collect enough money to start a school.

  A. Some other ten     B. Another ten     C. Other ten    D. Ten others

  54. The door burst open and ________ , shouting with anger.

  A. in rushed the crowd     B. rushed in the crowd

  C. the crowd tin rushed     D. in the crowd rushed

  55. We carved their names on the stone so that younger generations could know what their forefathers ____ for the nation.

  A. did     B. were doing     C. had done     D. have been doing

56. I would appreciate _____ it a secret.

A. your keeping       B. you to keep     C .that you keep           D. that you will keep

57. Mark often attempts to escape _____ whenever he breaks traffic regulations.

A. having been fined     B. to be fined   C. to have been fined           D. being fined

58. No matter how frequently _____, the works of Beethoven always attract large audiences.

A. performing      B. performed      C. to be performed         D. being performed

59. It is recommended that the project _____ until all the preparations have been made.

A. is not started        B. will not be started    C. not be started      D. is not to be started

60. I wish I ____ longer this morning, but I had to get up and come to class.

A. could have slept       B. slept         C. might have slept    D, have slept

61. We didn't know his telephone number, otherwise we _____ him.

A.would have telephoned     B, must have telephone   C. would telephone   d      D. had telephoned

62. Turn on the television or open a magazine and you _____ advertisements showing happy, balanced families.

A. are often seeing       B. often see        C. will often see  D. have often seen

63. While people may refer to television for up-to-minute news, it is unlikely that television _____ the newspaper completely.

A. replaced       B. have replaced      C. replace       D. will replace

64. An Olympic Marathon is 26 miles and 385 yards, _____ approximately from Marathon to Athen.

A. distance        B. is the distance       C. the distance   D. the distance is

65. You will want two trees about ten feet apart, from _____ to suspend your tent.

A. there          B. them         C. which    D. where

66. As I was just getting familiar with this job, I had _____ to ask my boss.

A. many         B. most         C. more     D. much

67. ____ quite recently, most mothers in Britain did not take paid work outside the home.

A. Before        B. Until         C. From    D. Since

68. The survival of civilization as we know it is _____ threat.

A. within        B. under          C. towards  D. upon

69. Scientists say it may be five or ten years _____ it is possible to test this medicine on human patients.

A. since       B. before         C. after    D. when

70. In some countries, _____ is called "equality" does not really mean equal rights for all people.

A. which         B. what          C. that   D. one

71. I walked too much yesterday and _____ are still aching now.

A.  my leg's muscles      B. my muscles of leg       C. my leg muscles   D. my muscles of the leg

72. Radio, television and press _____ of conveying news and information.

A. are the most three common means      B. are the most common three means    

C. are the three most common means     D. are three the most common means

73. Liquids are like solids _____ they have a definite volume.

A. in that         B. for that         C. with that   D. at that

74. When a fire ____ at the National Exhibition in London, at least ten priceless paintings were completely destroyed.

A. broke off        B. broke out         C. broke down  D. broke up

75. The destruction of these treasures was a loss for mankind that no amount of money could _____.

A. stand up to        B. make up for        C. come up with   D. put up with

76. Then the speaker _____ the various factors leading to the present economic crisis.

A. went after        B. went for        C. went into    D. went on


77. The students was just about to _____ the questions, when suddenly he found the answer.

A. arrive at       B. submit to         C. work out   D. give up

78. When there are small children around, it is necessary to put bottles of pills out of _____.

A. reach         B. hand         C. hold    D. place

79. The _____ of blood always makes him feel sick.

A. sight         B. view         C. look    D. form

80. In Britain, the best season of the year is probably _____ spring.

A. later         B. last         C. latter   D. late

81. Free medical treatment in this country covers sickness of mind as well as _____ sickness.

A. normal       B. regular        C. average    D. ordinary

82. This hotel _____ $ 60 for a single room with bath.

A. claims         B. demands         C. prices   D. charges

83. Although he had looked through all the reference material on the subject, he still found it hard to understand this point and her explanation only _____ to his confusion.

A. extended        B.  amounted        C. added    D.  turned

84. A completely new situation will _____ when the examination system comes into existence.

A. arise         B. rise          C. raise    D. arouse

85. It took him several months to _____ the wild horse.

A . tend        B. cultivate        C. breed    D. tame

86.Hearing the gunshot, all the birds flew _____ every direction.

A. in        B. on       C. to      D. toward 

87.The factory had to _____ number of employees because of the economic       decline in the country.

A. lay out    B. lay off    C. lay aside    D. lay down

88.His parents _____ his money, so he is in trouble now.

A. cut off   B. cut through   C. gave up   D. brought down

89.Can you _____ the difference _____ the two phrases?

A. tell, between   B. speak, from    C. say, of   D.  talk, between

90.If anyone happens to drop in while I am out, _____ him or her leave  a message.

A. have      B. get      C. ask     D. tell

91.There is no doubt _____ you will pass the exam this time. You have   worked so hard in the past months.

A. whether     B. that      C. if      D. what 

92.I _____ the boy to save money, but he wouldn’t listen.

A. hoped     B. suggested    C. wanted   D. made

93.I made a call to my parents yesterday. To my disappointment, _____   of them answered it.

A. either     B. none    C. neither    D. nobody

94.No matter _____ he is able to come to the party or not,we will invite him.

A. when     B. whether     C. how     D. why 

95.The idea _____ to him in his dream and he decided to carry it out.

A. happened    B. struck   C. appeared   D. occurred

96.He would have paid _____ for the house if the salesgirl had insisted       because he really wanted it.

A. twice as much  B. much as twice C. as much twice D. twice much as 

97.They decided to chase the cow away _____ it did more damage.

A. unless    B. until    C. before    D. although

98.We wanted a new table for dinner, so my father bought _____ from a   furniture store yesterday.

A. itself     B. one     C. himself    D. another

99.A library with five thousand books _____ to the nation as a gift.

A. is offered   B. has offered   C. are offered   D. have offered

100._____ is often the case, we have worked out the production plan.

A. Which     B. When     C. What     D. As

101.It is no_____ talking to him, because he will never change his mind.

A. help      B. use      C. time     D. way 

102.The way I thought of _____ the animal was of great value.

A. protecting   B. protect     C. being protected   D. to protect 

103.In another year or so, you _____ all about it.

   A. forget  B. would forget  C. have forgotten  D. will have forgotten  

104.No one here believes the reason _____ he gave for his lateness.

   A. that    B. why    C. for which    D. what 

105.The novel I bought last week is worth ____ ,I think.

   A. reading   B. being read   C. to read   D. to be read

106.After the fire, _____ would otherwise be a cultural center is now    reduced to a pile of ashes.

   A. that      B. it      C. which     D. what   

107.Did you notice the little boy _____ away?

A.    took the candy and run     B.    taking the candy and run 

C.    take the candy and run     D.    who taking the candy and running

108._____ gives people more knowledge of the society than literature. 

   A. Anything   B. Nothing   C. Something   D. Everything 

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