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2009 年河南省普通高等学校选拔优秀专科毕业生进入本科阶段学习考试(下)

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Passage Four

Most cities and states in the U. S. collect a sales tax on almost everything you buy. You must ask when you move into a new community how much the local sales tax is, and what items are and are not taxable. Both taxable items and the amount of tax vary considerably from place, from one otwo percent in some places up to eight or ten in others. The New York City sales tax, for examples, is currently 8%, so if you buy a pair of $ 40 shoes you will actually have to pay $ 43.20. This makes paying and getting correct change much more difficult (not to mention making everything more expensive).   

Another thing that makes money changes more complicated is tipping. The Chinese people have happily put an end to tipping, but Westerners are still plagued(遭受折磨) with this indignity. Waiters and waitresses, cab drivers, hotel bellboys, barbers and hairdressers and all sorts of other people must be tipped. Their employers give them low wages because it is expected that you, the customer, will make up the difference. If you don't, the service person can't earn a living. Tipping also varies from place to place, generally in the area of 15% of your bill (before taxes), but again you should ask local residents whom to tip and how much. 

There is another kind of tipping as well. You are generally expected to give something (either cash or a bottle of whisky) to the mailman at Christmas time. You should discuss this also with neighbors and friends. 

56. The main idea of this passage is _________. 

  A. shopping and tipping                B. sales and shopping    

  C. sales taxes and tipping                  D. sales taxes and people 

57. According to the passage, if you buy a pair of $ 50 shoes in the New York City, you pay extra  _______ as sales tax.  

  A. $4.5              B. $4          C. $5              D. $5.5  

58. Usually, cab drivers _________. 

  A. get high wages from the employer         B. get great benefits from the employer 

  C. get low wages from the employer       D. get prize from the employer   

59. According to the passage, which of the following statements is true? 

  A. The Chinese people have to pay tips in western countries. 

  B. The westerners don't have to pay high tips in their own country. 

  C. Barbers, hotel bellboys and all sorts of other people can earn a living if they are not tipped. 

  D. Tipping varies from place to place, generally in the area of 20% of your bill.   

60. Usually, taxable items and the amount of tax _________. 

  A. have no difference from place to place in the U. S.  

  B. are over 15% in the U. S. 

  C. have been put an end in the U. S.           

  D. vary from place to place in the U. S. 

Part Ⅲ Cloze (20 points) 

Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices marked A, B,C and D. You should choose the one that best fits into the passage and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.           

Most Americans don’t like to get advice from members of their family. When they need advice, they don't usually  61  people they know.  62  , many Americans write letters to newspapers and magazines which give advice  63  many different subjects, including family problem, sex, the use   64   the language, health, cooking, childcare, clothes, and how to buy a house or a car. 

     65   newspapers regularly print letters   66   readers with problems.  Along   67   the letters there are answers written   68  people who are supposed to know how to   69  such problems. Some of these writers are doctors;  70    are lawyers or educators. But two of the most famous writers of advice   71   women without special training   72   this kind of work. One of them answers letters   73   to “Dear Abby”. The other is addressed    74    “Dear Ann Landers”. Experience is their preparation for     75   advice. 

    There is one writer who has not lived long   76   to have much experience. She is a girl named Angel Cavaliere, who started writing   77   for newspaper readers   78   the age of ten. Her advice to young readers now   79   regularly in the Philadelphia Bulletin in a column   80   DEAR ANGEL. 

61. A. talk B. ask           C. tell           D. speak 

62. A. Because       B. Instead            C. When            D. As 

63. A. for            B. in                C. on               D. with

64. A. with B. on              C. to                D. of 

65. A. Most   B. These C. Those             D. The 

66. A. from           B. for               C. to                D. about 

67. A. in            B. with             C. on                D. for 

68. A. to            B. for             C. about             D. by  

69. A. make          B. overcome        C. beat              D. solve 

70. A. some         B. many             C. others             D. those 

71. A. is             B. are               C. were              D. was 

72. A. for           B. on               C. at                D. by 

73. A. made          B. addressed         C. written            D. sent 

74. A. with           B. for               C. to                D. by 

75. A. producing      B. giving            C. making            D. sending  

76. A. time          B. yet               C. way             D. enough 

77. A. advise         B. answers           C. advice            D. problems 

78. A. at            B. on               C. in               D. about 

79. A. gives           B. sends            C. appears           D. writes 

80. A. called         B. arranged          C. reached           D. claimed                               

Part IV  Word Formation (10 points) 

Directions:There are 10 incomplete statements in this part. You should fill in each bank with the proper form of the given word, and write the right answer on the Answer Sheet. 

81. They are not________ with the performance of the students. (satisfy) 

82. There is ________ of religion in our country. (free) 

83. The police were delayed by the_______ of information about the crime. (absent)

84. It is ________that the company will make a big profit in the export trade. (like)

85.Reading English novels can________ your vocabulary. (large) 

86. When college students are caught ________ in exam, they can be kicked out of school.(cheat)  

87. Following the ________ settlement of the strike, the train service is now back normal. (success) 

88.________ more time, the experts will be able to find out a better solution to the problem. (Give)   

89. It is essential that we ________ informed of your plans in advance. (be) 

90. The news that her son failed to pass the exam was so       that she hard believe it.  (disappoint)

Part V  Translation (20 points) 

Section A 

Directions: There are 5 sentences in this section, Please translate them Chinese into English, and write the answer on the Answer Sheet.  










Section B 

Directions: There are 5 sentences in this section. Please translate them English into Chinese, and write the answer on the Answer Sheet.  

96.A friend in need is a friend indeed. 


97.This idea sounds good, but will it work in practice? 


98.It is estimated that about 80% of the world’s population cannot afford to proper food, housing or medical care. 

                                                                                99.Americans often say that there are only two things a person can be sure of in his life --death and taxes. 


100.We know that a cat, whose eyes can take in many more rays of light than our can see clearly at night. 


Part VI  Writing  (20 points) 

Directions: For this part, you’re required to write a composition on the“Getting to Know the Society”. You should write at least 120 words, and composition should be based on theoutline given in Chinese 

below and write composition on the Answer Sheet.  

Getting to Know the Society  




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